Business and Economics

Rhodes College

Non degree programme

Students from Rhodes College visit the University of Antwerp with the programme International Business Cases, Business in the EU and Religion in the Low Countries.

The programme

In this four-week programme, you will learn about businesses in Antwerp, Belgium and its surrounding countries. The International business case studies that are discussed in a classroom setting are combined with business site visits that focus on the industries in which Belgium and France show historical advantages and expertise, such as the diamond, chocolate and beer industry. Other activities include behind-the-scenes visits to religious institutions and learning about how Belgian industries like fashion and chemistry have changed the European and global landscape. 

As a student of the Rhodes College, you will expand your horizon in a number of ways. You are exposed to the cultural and religious history of Belgium and get acquainted with its business world, The Rhodes College programme includes organised visits to important cities in not just Belgium, but also the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. Furthermore, it takes you on a week-long trip through France. You can add to this experience by making travel plans on your own and discovering Europe independently. Ultimately you develop an appreciation for a culture that is different from your own and thus become a true global citizen.

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