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Exchange programme

at the Faculty of Business and Economics

Ready for the international experience of your life?

The Faculty of Business and Economics has the highest amount of international mobility within the University of Antwerp. Annually, more than 250 foreign students, lecturers and researchers are welcomed from our network of over a 150 different partners worldwide. 

On this page, you can find all information for future exchange students, coming from one of our Erasmus, European, or non-European partner universities. 

Academic cycle

​The academic year at the University of Antwerp is divided into two semesters. Each semester comprises of 13 weeks of lecturing concluded by a 4-week examination period. A normal workload for 1 semester is 30 ECTS credits. Incoming students need to take at least 21 ECTS credits.

This was the International Student Mixer 2023

Where our international students get to meet over beers and fries!

Study programmes

The Faculty of Business and Economics has a wide range of bachelor (undergraduate) and master courses available in English which focus on a number of key areas for modern day businesses. It is essential that exchange students have a good command in English to attend and pass these courses. Please verify the line section for the English language requirements.

In terms of the level of courses, the following academic experience is required:

  • Bachelor courses (course codes starting with 1)
    Successfully completed at least 120 ECTS or two full academic years of tertiary education upon arrival in Antwerp
  • Master courses (course codes starting with 2)
    Successfully completed at least 150 ECTS or five semesters of tertiary education upon arrival in Antwerp as well as meeting the course prerequisites

Students are allowed to take up to two courses of a different faculty although this is not recommended given the high likelihood of rostering conflicts. The other faculties also need to approve the student’s suitability for the course.

Vlas, from Poland, interviewed his fellow 'Exchangers'

Antwerp through the eyes of exchange student Mattia

Online exchange

Not able to come to Antwerp in person, for a semester or full-year exchange? The Faculty of Business and Economics also has a limited virtual exchange offer for students of partner institutions. 

Interested? Please contact for more information about the course offer and application process. 

*Last updated: 11/12/2023

This was Alessandro's exchange semester in Antwerp

Sarah (Germany) about her exchange experience