Business and Economics

Research Afternoon FBE

28 September 2022 – City Campus, Hof Van Liere

During the Research Afternoon, we give the floor to recently hired ZAP-members. In this way, the other FBE researchers get to know these new ZAP-members and their research, and vice versa: there will be room for discussion and questions. 

Programme (13:30 – 17:00)

  • Welcome by Ann Jorissen (FBE Vice-Dean)
  • Presentations by Joris Beckers (dept. of Transport), Sam Cosaert (dept. of Economy)
  • Break
  • Presentations by Lukar Thornton (dept. of Marketing), Wim Vanhaverbeke (dept. of Management)
  • Questions and discussion            
  • Round-up by Kenneth Sörensen and Sunčica Vujić (Chair and Vice-Chair FBE Research Committee)