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Interested in PhD studies?

The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) attaches great importance to doctoral research. Over 200 PhD students are active at FBE in the various research groups, preparing dissertations within a wide range of economic areas of expertise.

You can obtain following PhD degree titles: 

Our faculty provides an internationally oriented PhD track. About half of the doctoral students come from abroad. The PhD candidates write their thesis in English. Detailed information on how to start a PhD track can be found on the website of the Antwerp Doctoral School

For specific questions regarding the PhD track at the Faculty of Business and Economics you can contact


Doctoral study programme

The Faculty of Business and Economics has a specific doctoral study programme, which is integrated in the competence profile of the Antwerp Doctoral School. The study programme is flexible and individual. Only discipline specific activities are recognized.


Progress and Evaluation proces

Each year, before 1 May, the PhD student submits a progress report to his/her individual PhD commission. The PhD student will report on both the research progress and the progress in the doctoral study programme through SISA.

The individual PhD commission discusses the PhD student's file within six weeks after the submission of this report. The student will invite all members of the individual PhD commission for a personal interview. The evaluation will be available in the PhD student's selfservice in SisA after the evaluation deadline. 

The activities in the doctoral study programme will be checked by the doctoral administration. Handing in both progress reports is mandatory. 

SisA manual for PhD students