Non-degree programme: Marquette University

This three-week study abroad programme began in 1992 and promotes cross-cultural understanding of business concepts through coursework, corporate visits and excursions. The success of the programme is largely due to the strong relationship developed between Marquette University and the University of Antwerp. 

The programme

The partnership enables participants to learn about the European economy and business environment through a variety of subjects including business, economic, social and cultural ramifications of the European Economic and Monetary Union. These subjects become tangible as students are given the opportunity to visit the companies and institutions that they have learned about. The visit of the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels, for example, is a recurring event that helps students to better understand what they have been taught.

Discover Europe

Students become acquainted with the beautiful city of Antwerp as well as a number of other charming Belgian cities. This discovery of Belgium is supplemented with organised visits to the Netherlands and France, where they experience the impressive sights of Paris and Amsterdam. The students can add to this experience by making travel plans on their own and discovering Europe independently. Ultimately they are able to develop an appreciation for a culture that is different from their own and thus become global citizens.

28th Annual Summer Course European Business Strategy (Antwerp, 2019)