Degree students

The Faculty of Law welcomes international degree students

Master's Programme: Master of Laws

This is a 2-year programme, 120 ECTS, leading to a Master of Laws. Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree in Law. 

Please note that for admission to the legal profession in Belgium, holders must also have a Belgian degree of Bachelor of Laws or qualify under the admission requirements for holders of a non-Belgian law degree. For more information, go to or

Can I acquire a Flemish master of laws' degree in English?

The Faculty offers a bachelor of laws programme in Dutch and a master of laws programme in Dutch or in English, both leading to the Flemish degree of 'master in de rechten' (master of laws).

To enter the Dutch-speaking bachelor and master programs in law, a higher level of Dutch/Flemish is required. Therefore, the Faculty of Law strongly recommends the preparatory one-year programme ‘Postgraduate of Dutch as a Foreign Language in an Academic Context’

To enter the English Master of Laws programme, you will have to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of English if you do not have a previous law degree from a Belgian or Dutch university.