The Faculty of Law organises, coordinates, carries out and stimulates academic education, scientific research and scientific services in the fields of law and safety sciences.

Faculty policy

The Faculty Board, the Executive Committee and the Extended Executive Committee are the three most important governing bodies in the Faculty of Law, and are all chaired by the dean. The dean, Prof. Dr. Frederik Swennen, vice-dean,of research Prof. Dr. Wouter Vandenhole, and vice-dean of education, Prof. Dr. Melissa Vanmeenen, are elected for a term of three academic years (2021-2024) from among the tenured academic personnel.

The faculty's day-to-day activities

The faculty's day-to-day activities are overseen by the Dean's Office, the Educational Secretariat, the Research Office, the Internationalisation Unit and the Unit for Innovation and Quality Assurance in Education (CIKO). The Faculty Director, Filip Seuntjens, coordinates the overall operation of the faculty.