Research at the Faculty of Law

The University of Antwerp’s Faculty of Law is strongly committed to research, in a range of legal fields. Our researchers study the law in the books, but explore also the fundamental role of law in society. Through intra- and interdisciplinary research, they examine how law may be part of the solution for wicked problems.

Legal research at the Antwerp Faculty of Law takes place in five research groups: Business & Law; Government & Law; Personal Rights and Property Rights, Law & Development; and Law Enforcement. The Antwerp Faculty of Law hosts five chairs and is the institutional home for an interfaculty institute for tax research, the Antwerp Tax Academy. Wide-ranging doctoral research, research undertaken by professors and project staff and three research professorships contribute to innovative knowledge development. Student researchers get a first exposure to what it means to be a researcher.

In close collaboration with the vice-dean of research, the Research Office develops the Faculty of Law’s research policy. The research support staff at the Research Office, Peter De Cauwer and Evelien Vandenhaute, also support individual researchers by sharing research information, and by stimulating and assisting researchers.


Prof. dr. Wouter Vandenhole

Vice-dean of Research (2018-)