Evaluation of courses

Every year, at the end of each semester, students are invited to evaluate (part of) their completed courses. Lecturers use the evaluation results to improve their teaching. The results are also included in the personnel file of the lecturer. The more students participate in these surveys, the more powerful the feedback is. That is why participation at UAntwerp in the course evaluations is compulsory since the 2020-2021 academic year (cf. Education and Examination Regulation UAntwerp art. 6.4).

In January and February 2022, students were invited to evaluate their courses of the first semester. They were invited and reminded to do so by email and through the Blackboard learning environment

. There was also a targeted campaign in which the Student Council and student representatives participated, encouraging students to complete their surveys in time.

Global response to the course evaluations

The average response of all course evaluations at UAntwerp has risen spectacularly to 80%. Eight faculties or institutes achieved a response rate of more than 80%.

Nearly half of the students completed the survey soon after receiving the invitation. Almost one-third of the students completed the surveys after the reminder, and another one third exceeded the deadline. This last group of students had to complete the course evaluations before being able to log in on the Blackboard learning environment after that deadline.

Main results 1st semester 2021-2022

The questionnaire for the course evaluations is aimed at identifying good practices in education that are in line with UAntwerp's vision on education.

The following strengths and future development opportunities were revealed from all teaching evaluations of the 1st semester 2021-2022.

Lecturers and study programme coordinators are being informed about the results.  The video below shows how students contribute to better education by filling in the course evaluations.

How can completing a survey contribute to educational quality?