Selfreflection with peer review (SPR)

To strengthen the quality of our programmes, every programme at UAntwerp receives a peer review every six years. Based on documents and interviews, a review team of internal and external experts assesses the quality of the programme and gives suggestions on how to strengthen quality.

The student's voice is very important in this programme review. Therefore, a student member is part of the review team. The student member may not be a student in a programme from the same faculty as the programme being reviewed. This means that the student member of the review team is not an expert in the study domain. It is his/her mission to represent the student voice in the programme review and the quality of education. Questions that a student member can ask to students and professors in the programme are, for example: is the education well organised, is the communication to students clear, does the programme prepare well for further education or the professional field, etc.

We are currently not seeking candidate student members for peer reviews.

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