Target audience of the advanced modules

The minimum requirement for participating in the advanced modules is that you can demonstrate that you have the necessary basic knowledge and/or experience.

If you have successfully completed the basic module (English and/or Dutch) of our training and thus have the certificate issued for it, you will be admitted to the advanced modules without further ado. 

If you can demonstrate that you have acquired or built up a similar basic knowledge, you may also be admitted to the advanced modules. You can prove this by (sufficient) relevant experience and/or by having successfully completed training programmes equivalent to the basic module.

If you pass the examination of the relevant advanced module, you will receive a certificate. If you have successfully completed all advanced modules, you will receive the overall certificate of the University of Antwerp.

Individual attendance is expected to be at least 75% (digital in real time) and a maximum of 25% participation in deferred relays (including force majeure situations). This only applies to online teaching. In a physical setting, where lessons are held on campus, an individual attendance rate of 80% is required (including force majeure situations). Participation in the examination is only possible after the minimum attendance requirement has been met.

The following eleven specialisation modules are offered every two years as part of the permanent training programme Customs and Excise.

Participants who have taken 5 out of 10 advanced modules can apply for a 20% reduction on their next registration for an advanced module on simple request (by e-mail:

The advanced modules will take place in accordance with the timing stated below (subject to possible changes).​​​

Academic year 2023 - 2024

Academic year 2024 - 2025 (subject to change)

The module 'E-Commerce' is organized by the University of Liège. The programme can be consulted via this link.