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About time schedules, classrooms, examinations...    
This information is available in the Blackboard learning environment.

Course material

Course material will be posted on the Blackboard learning environment and/or sold by your faculty’s print service.


Information about evaluation and exams can be found in your faculty's study programs (BA) and in the different course descriptions.

Exchange students

Exchange students hosted at the University of Antwerp can subscribe for all the courses. Most courses are organized in Dutch, with the exemption of Global Justice, Sustainability and Community Service Learning, which are (also) organized in English.  

Students of the University of Antwerp (and thus hosting at another university) can either choose to take an interdisciplinary course organized at the University of Antwerp (all couses are video-recorded and online available via the Blackboard learning environment), or they can choose to take an equivalent course at their host university. In the latter case, this equivalent course needs to be approved by the Centre Pieter Gillis (​


As a matter of principle, exemptions for the interdisciplinary courses are not allowed. All 2Ba or 3BA students are required to take at least one interdisciplinary course. The only exceptions are the following:

  • students who have, in the past, taken a course 'levensbeschouwing' at the University of Antwerp and passed the exams, can be exempted
  • students can, based on one or several equivalent courses in previous education/training programs, require an exemption
  • exchanges students can take an equivalent course at their host university if this course is approved by the Centre Pieter Gillis 

All exemption requests must be sent to: