One of the main tasks of the Pieter Gillis Centre (CPG) is the organization of university-wide, interdisciplinary courses (30 teaching hours – 3 credits) for BA2 and BA3 students. These courses are closely related to the idea of active pluralism as well as to the university’s mission statement.

The following compulsory-elective A courses (no exemption possible) are organized by the Centre Pieter Gillis:

Additionally, the Centre organizes the following elective courses (B-courses):

In order to stimulate the students’ social engagement, students can also chose for Community Service Learning.
Community Service Learning offers an educational framework based on co-creation in an open-ended process and stimulates transformative experience.
Service Learning requires students to gain curricular credits by performing service that answers the needs of the community. Educational institutions and community organizations design together service learning projects to which students are required to contribute by applying their knowledge and competences. Students combine their experiences with knowledge related to one of the university-wide interdisciplinary courses (A- or B-course).

Community Service Learning is organized and coordinated by the Center Pieter Gillis and supported by Stichting Cusanus. 

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In addition to the Centre Pieter Gillis, the Institute of Development Policy (IOB) also organizes university-wide and mind-broadening courses:

Global justice (A-courses)
Debating development (A-courses)