Who is IMDO?

The Institute for Environment & Sustainable Development, known by its Dutch acronym IMDO,  brings together the expertise at the University of Antwerp on the various aspects and disciplines in environment & sustainable development.  IMDO wants to help answer complex and multidisciplinary environmental and sustainability questions, from industry, the university and society.

IMDO has a distinctly interdisciplinary and transversal character and ensures maximum collaboration between researchers and lecturers from the various disciplines: technology, natural sciences, social and economic sciences, health and administrative-legal aspects.

IMDO has the following tasks:

  • Interdisciplinary and internationally oriented environmental education
  • Catalyst for interdisciplinary research on the environment and sustainable development
  • Contact point for questions about the environment and sustainable development
  • Living lab on sustainability (citizen science)

IMDO celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. The institute was founded under the impetus of its first president, em. Prof. Dr. Rudi Verheyen.

As a reminder, every year the Award Rudi Verheyen is awarded. The Award Rudi Verheyen rewards scientific work with a special merit for nature and environmental policy in Flanders.