Environmental research at the University of Antwerp is performed by IMDO in a interdisciplinary network configuration. The activities of IMDO are characterised by an intensive and dynamic interaction between the different disciplines.  IMDO provides a forum for the consultation and exchange of research projects and results. 

IMDO focuses on research and development in 4 cross-cutting clusters. Each cluster contributes to sustainable development and covers research in various disciplines, across faculties, ranging from engineering, to natural and social sciences, environmental economics, life sciences, design sciences and urban studies. Each cluster aims to provide holistic, multidisciplinary research on one of the 4 clusters.

Download here a fact sheet on the research clusters of IMDO (500 kB)

For an overview of activities at IMDO, download here a poster 

Download here an overview of expertise at UAntwerp on sustainability assessments

An overview of the research in each cluster, can be downloaded by the following links:

Poster Cluster 'Integrated Water Management'

Poster Cluster 'Air Quality'

Poster Cluster 'Health & Environment'

Poster Cluster 'Climate & Energy'