A PhD in Environmental Sciences

IMDO offers the possibility to perform doctoral research in Environmental Sciences. A PhD in Environmental Sciences has an interdisciplinary orientation, and consists of both a natural science and a social science component. This approach is particularly suited to analyze complex topical environmental and sustainability issues.

A PhD in Environmental Sciences is supervised by two promoters, affiliated to different departments of the University of Antwerp. The individual doctoral commission, which is responsible for monitoring the progress of the research, has a multidisciplinary structure.

Interested to pursue a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Antwerp? 

Following options exist:

1) Apply to a vacancy for a PhD position on a predefined research topic

If you are selected for the job, you will be engaged in a project, for which the tasks have already laid out.

If the work delivered is of the required substance and quality, you can turn your results into a PhD thesis and prepare for defense

2) Define your own research topic - and search for your own funding

You need to agree with a UAntwerpen promotor on a multi-disciplinary topic of research, which is the basis to apply for funding.

Many options exist to apply for a PhD scholarship. Popular are the call for PhD scholarships from the Research Foundation Flanders 

More information on to start a PhD at the University of Antwerp can be found here