The Linguapolis language learner is highly educated and already has some experience of learning a foreign language. Before the start of each course, careful screening of the participants’ prior knowledge ensures that they are placed in the right group, at the right level.

Our language courses are aimed at the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. We also focus on the cultural and contemporary contexts of the target language, so that the language can be placed in the bigger picture. Our didactic approach offers a framework in which learning efficiency and enjoyment go hand-in-hand, allowing language skills to develop smoothly.

Active and communicative

Our didactic approach is activating and communicative. Participants are expected to contribute actively during the lessons, and we ensure interaction by means of pair work and group work. Cooperative learning and other 21st-century skills are a common theme uniting all of our language courses. With practice-oriented, functional language tasks, we create maximum opportunities for everyone to practise. We pay specific attention to quality language production: the learners work towards fluent and correct language use that makes a positive impression.

Efficient and varied

The Linguapolis didactic approach centres around the power of face-to-face instruction: personal interaction with the language teachers, the group dynamic and opportunities to learn with other participants.

Class time is used efficiently. The lessons are taught in the target language and the pace is high: participants cover a large amount of material within a relatively short period. We combine the best techniques from both new and traditional methods, taking into account the range of different learning styles. The complementary use of digital learning technologies fosters and supports the learning process both in and outside of the classroom.

Autonomy and coaching

We see Linguapolis language learners as active, independent learners who take responsibility for their own language learning processes. The learners reflect on their progress and how to take maximum advantage of learning opportunities, during the lessons and outside of class.

The Linguapolis teacher serves as a kind of coach, providing a rich learning environment with differentiated learning opportunities and constructive feedback. To do this, they use a wide range of didactic forms and testing instruments in order to guide and tailor the learning process.

The Linguapolis team consists of qualified, enthusiastic staff. We are strongly committed to professionalisation and the development of expertise.

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