1. What is an entry test?

An entry test consists of a written test and an oral test to help us check your level. The entry test is included in the course fee.


2. Who must take an entry test?

You must take an entry test:

  • if you are a new Linguapolis student and if you already have some knowledge of the language through previous study or experience, or
  • if you have a certificate from another language school, or
  • if your Linguapolis certificate was issued more than a year ago, or
  • if you have already followed a Linguapolis course and you are not/no longer eligible for a resit or a deferred exam. You can take an entry test at the earliest six months after your course ended.


3. How much does the entry test cost?

  • You don’t have to pay separately for the entry test. This service is included in the registration fee.  
  • The entry test is inextricably linked with your registration. This also means you cannot take the entry test separately.
  • You can only take an entry test after full payment of the course registration fee.
  • In case of cancellation, you must pay a 35-euro administrative fee for the entry test.


4. How to register for an entry test?

Tick the course code of your choice, with a ? on the online registration form. This means that your level must still be determined. You register for a language, not for a level. You will find further information about the entry test in the automatic confirmation e-mail.


5. Why is the entry test important?

The entry test is included in the registration fee and a key feature in Linguapolis’ striving for quality. It is a service to make sure you start in a level suited for you. The entry test is led by experienced language advisers. By organizing the test professionally Linguapolis can guarantee a quality course taught at a high pace.


6. How is the entry test organised?

  • The entry test consists of a written and oral part. You are expected to do the entry test on your own and take it seriously.
  • The written part tests your knowledge of the language. The results of this test are compared to the learning objectives at the beginning and end of the different levels.
  • In the oral part you will have a conversation in the target language. By asking you questions about yourself, your motivations and expectations, the language adviser will check which level of speaking you have.
  • The results of both parts are put next to each other, compared and analysed. This process enables Linguapolis to place you in the appropriate level.
  • The results of the entry test are binding. You can only start in the level that was determined during the entry test. The result of the entry test remains valid for one year.