Can I cancel my enrolment?

You may cancel your enrolment up to the start of classes. We charge 20% of the enrolment fee to cover cancellation costs. To do so, please contact the Linguapolis secretary's office.

Once a course has started, no refunds can be given. Enrolments cannot be interrupted or (partly) transferred to a later course date.

Can Linguapolis cancel my enrolment?

1. Insufficient number of registrations
If there are fewer than 14 registrations for a particular course, Linguapolis reserves the right to cancel classes. In such an event, we shall refund your registration fee in full as quickly as possible.

2. Too many registrations
If you enrol on the waiting list and no place becomes available, your enrolment will be cancelled. In this case, we will refund your registration fee in full and as quickly as possible.
If you have taken an entry test but the appropriate level is already full, your registration will also be placed on the waiting list. If no place becomes available, your registration will be cancelled. In that case, we will refund the registration fee minus the administrative costs (35 euros) for the entry test. The result of your intake remains valid for one year.