How do I get to Stadscampus, Campus Drie Eiken or Campus Middelheim?

Detailed directions - by public transport, bicycle and car - and a campus plan of each campus can be found at

Where can I park my car at the Stadscampus?

In the city of Antwerp, it is best to use a bicycle or public transport. Coming by car? Then take this travel information into account.


The city of Antwerp is working towards a pedestrian-friendly centre for both visitors and residents. As of August 1, 2023, visitors and tourists are no longer allowed to park on the street.
Stadscampus is located in the historic centre where this parking restriction applies. Where can you find (paid) parking near Stadscampus?

At less than a 10-minute walk:

  • in Q-park Godefriduskaai (Zeevaartstraat 11, 2000 Antwerp)
  • in APCOA car park (Sint-Jansplein 1, 2060 Antwerp)
  • in Interparking Roosevelt (Franklin Rooseveltplaats 12, 2060 Antwerp
  • on the street: on Brouwersvliet or an adjacent street (= red zone: max. 3 hours)
  • in a public car park

Is free Wi-Fi available on campus?

In order to protect the UAntwerpen WIFI network from unauthorised access, all users are required to register to log on to the network. UAntwerpen staff and students can log in using their UAntwerpen account. Linguapolis students can request a temporary guest account via