When you register for an OLC, please make your own assessment of your prior knowledge using the chart below.

Based on that self-assessment, you will be put in a group with speakers of a similar comprehension. The level grading is not strict, but it is useful for the coach leading the language café.

When you register online, select one of the descriptions from the overview.

Click the image to zoom in.

I have no knowledge of the language yet

Please take a level 1 course at Linguapolis first.

I can talk about myself using basic phrases

  • I can talk about myself using simple words.
  • I can introduce myself and tell something about myself and my family.
  • I can describe people and things.
  • I can use the language while on holiday: I can buy or order something, ask for directions.
  • I use simple language and speak slowly.
  • I understand slowly spoken standard language with repetition or a little help.

I can talk about my life

  •  I can talk about myself and my interests.
  • I can talk about past experiences and dreams for the future.
  • I can give my opinion.
  • I sometimes speak slowly and I sometimes speak more fluently.
  • I understand slowly spoken standard language, possibly with repetition.
  • I can follow television programmes like the news, but I don’t fully understand them yet.

I can talk about current affairs

  • I can talk about myself and my surroundings.
  • I can talk about an issue and current affairs.
  • I can formulate arguments in a discussion.
  • I understand spoken standard language and can completely understand television programmes like the news.
  • My speaking pace is normal.

I speak the language at native or near-native level

  • I can talk about abstract topics and can express myself in a nuanced way.
  • I can formulate complex arguments during a discussion.
  • Communication with a native speaker proceeds without much effort.
  • My speaking pace is fluent and spontaneous.
  • I can easily follow a debate or meeting.

Still unsure about your speaking skills? If so, please do not hesitate to indicate a lower level on the chart. This can help you overcome speaking anxiety.