New fund named 'FIS' takes over role of King Baudouin Fund
The King Baudouin Fund is active since 1954 and was established after a visit by the then King Baudouin to the University of Antwerp. Every year, this fund awards scholarships to students who wish to continue their studies abroad, after obtaining a master's degree at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Antwerp.

The King Baudouin Fund has already enabled several high-profile alumni to successfully complete their international study programme. To continue raising young talent to a higher level, the Faculty of Business & Economics Fund for International Studies (FIS) has now been established at the University of Antwerp, a new named fund.  As from now on, the FIS will take over the role of the King Baudouin Fund.

Purpose of the FIS
The Faculty of Business & Economics Fund for International Studies annually awards scholarships to Master's students or young alumni, who have graduated within a maximum of 3 years, for international studies after obtaining a Master's degree at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In this way, they get the opportunity and the financial support to study abroad.

Through an international study, these students are formed into critical professionals with a global, multicultural mindset, which has a significant impact on their development. This also broadens the University of Antwerp's international reputation and visibility through the presence of students abroad.

  • Active: since 2022
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Support this fund

Would you like to get involved by supporting the Faculty of Business & Economics Fund for International Studies? You can contribute by wiring a donation to the University of Antwerp.

There are two ways to donate:

  • By bank transfer to bank account number BE42 7310 4624 7854 in the name of 'Universiteit Antwerpen'. Be sure to mention 'fiscaal attest' (tax certificate) and your preferred destination, in this case: ‘FBE Fund for International Studies’, in the communication field.
  • By online payment, where you can indicate your preferred destination straight away.

Tax relief

Did you know that donations of 40 euros or more are 45 % tax deductible? This is an extra incentive to provide maximum support!

In order to allocate your donation correctly, we recommend you to also send us the donation form where you indicate your preference for the destination of the amount again.

Send the filled in form:

1.    digitally: email it to ( a scan or photo are sufficient)


2.    by post:  Universiteitsfonds Antwerpen - Middelheimlaan 1 M.A.223 - 2020 Antwerpen