To commemorate the premature death of Dennie Lockefeer at the age of 42, the University Fund, together with Van Moer Logistics and several other partners, established the Dennie Lockefeer Chair. Lockefeer was, and still is, held in high regard within the port community, and especially in the world of inland navigation, for his insights and expertise. He was frequently consulted by academics and asked to share his knowledge with students and professors.

The Dennie Lockefeer Chair followed a brilliant course over the past three years. Full commitment was made to the three pillars: 

And it doesn't stop here. The chair continues with the support of 24 renewing partners, four partners who joined the chair at a later stage and two new golden partners: Van Moer Logistics and Port of Antwerp-Bruges! A beautiful and unique ecosystem of 30 partners and friends of the Chair.

  • Chairholder: Katrien Storms
  • Faculty: Business and Economics
  • Active: since 2019
  • Partners:

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