The Chair Dennie Lockefeer is the result of unique crowdfunding by the industry in memory of Mr Dennie Lockefeer. The Chair is working on the topic "future vision for inland shipping. Thereto, the Dennie Lockefeer Chair finances every two years, one grant to someone from the sector to participate in the Antwerp Inland Navigation school (AINS).

Candidates can apply by sending an e-mail to Katrien Storms, Young Researcher of the Dennie Lockefeer Chair ( Candidates will be asked to send a motivation letter and CV. The motivation letter must be received before April 1st, 2024 for eligibility. Eligible candidates will receive an email notification.

Grant winners

The winners of the grants for the AINS 2020 (May 25 - 29) are Griet Van Der Vurst and Gwenny Noterdaeme. 

The winners of the grants for the AINS 2022 (April 25 - 29) are Ruben Loomans and Camilla Domenighini.

The winner of the grant for the AINS 2024 (April 22-26) is Denise Beil.

For more information, please visit the LinkedIn page of the Dennie Lockefeer chair.