Chair of Crisis Governance

The Chair of Crisis Governance serves as a bridge between theory and practice, forged through a unique collaboration between practitioners and academics. This collaboration emerged from the urgent need to devise novel approaches to bolster organizations against crises. This translates into key objectives:  

  • Comprehensive Crisis governance: Advocating for a comprehensive approach to coping with crises, we recognize the need to integrate crises into everyday business operations, embracing dynamic events while ensuring stability. 

  • Transcending Traditional Boundaries: Our vision of crisis governance transcends organizational boundaries and traditional sectors, requiring collaborative efforts among stakeholders to tackle trans crises effectively. 

  • Support Across All Stages: Our framework supports organizations across all stages of managing crises, from anticipation and preparation to intervention and adaptation. 

  • Focus on Resilience and Continual Improvement: Beyond understanding crisis complexities, we aim to equip organizations with resilient tools to anticipate, cope with, and learn from challenges. 

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What if a crisisplan always works?

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