Our Mission

The mission of the Chair is to establish itself as a leading center of expertise in crisis governance. By fostering collaboration between theory and practice, we aim to create an inclusive community that comprises private and public practitioners alongside academic partners. By integrating practical expertise with the insights of our fellow scientists, we aspire to pave the way for future research on crisis governance. Our commitment extends beyond research to encompass education and service provision, all driven by our overarching goal of enhancing societal resilience and safety. 

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Our Members



Prof. Dr. Sascha Albers is a co-chairholder, Chairman of the Department of Management at the University of Antwerp, and a professor of International Management.

Expertise:  strategic management and inter-organizational design problems in international business contexts with a focus on logistics and transportation industries.


Prof. Dr. Hugo Marynissen is a co-chairholder, professor, and senior researcher in the field of crisis governance. 

Expertise: crisis networks, organizational resilience, normal chaos, and the role of crisis governance in anticipating extreme events.

Postdoctoral researchers


Dr. Steven van den Oord is a lecturer at the Department of Organization Studies, Tilburg University, a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Management, the University of Antwerp, and a visiting lecturer in the Executive Master Public Governance & Leadership program at Antwerp Management School.Expertise: the design, governance, development, and effectiveness of organizational networks.

Visiting professors  


Prof. Dr. Alain Guiette is professor of managing and organizing at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School. Having worked for 10 years in strategy consulting.

Expertise: organizational sensemaking and qualitative interpretative research, with a specific focus on the interdependence of conscious and unconscious processes of interpretation during organizational transformation, change, and resilience.


Prof. Dr. Peter Verhezen is a professor of strategy and corporate governance at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School and advises boards on governance and risk. He is a former Visiting Professor at the University of Melbourne (Australia) and a former Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School (USA).

Expertise: Corporate Governance and Risk Management, alongside Global Strategies with a focus on Digital Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, and Business in Emerging Markets with a special emphasis on ESG and Sustainable Investments. 

Doctoral and junior researchers



Arne Cobben is a PhD researcher. He has a background in philosophy, bioethics, health law, and management. His PhD thesis will be situated on the intersection of these topics.


Magali Jaspers is a PhD researcher, specializing in the field of crisis governance and strategic management. She has a background in management and communication studies at the University of Antwerp.

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​​Dylan van Loon is a project manager for the Chair of Crisis Governance. He has a strategic and organizational management background at the University of Antwerp and contributed to the “Employability and Entrepreneurship” project that was part of the Voorsprongfonds.