Core Pillars

In line with our mission statement, the Chair of Crisis Governance is built upon three core pillars: 

  • Crisis governance capability (adaptation)  

  • Crisis governance strategy (coping)  

  • Crisis governance design (anticipation) 

Screenshot 2024-04-10 092833.png

Within these pillars, our efforts encompass a range of activities aimed at diverse organizations, including critical infrastructuresboth public and private. These activities include resilience benchmarking, crisis fitness assessments through surveys and reporting, development of crisis policy briefs through case studies, and crisis governance education and training initiatives. 

Current Efforts

In addition to research, the Chair of Crisis Governance also assists and collaborates on various fronts, including advisory projects, educational initiatives, and event coordination. ​

  • Collaboration with AMS (Deans club, lectures, events, ...)
  • Resilience survey at Stad Antwerpen & Netwerk Brandweer 
  • Support (logistics and content) of ‘JOIFF Industrial Emergency Services Management’ conference in February 2025 
  • The University of Antwerp and the NIPV (Nederlands Instituut Publieke Veiligheid / Dutch Institute for Public Safety) have recently initiated a collaborative effort to foster knowledge exchange in the realm of crisis governance in a broad sense.