Our Industry Partners

The Chair of Crisis Governance has been established with the financial support of the University Fund and external partners. 

The collaboration with our partners extends beyond the formal initiation of the Chair of Crisis Governance. We have engaged in numerous projects within and beyond the University of Antwerp. These projects have encompassed master's theses, (guest) lectures, and internships and have revolved around a wide array of research topics, resulting in several publications.

Our Knowledge Partners

Focus on: University of Antwerp and NIPV collaborate on crisis governance.

The University of Antwerp and the NIPV (Nederlands Instituut Publieke Veiligheid / Dutch Institute for Public Safety) have recently initiated a collaborative effort with the goal of fostering knowledge exchange in the realm of crisis governance in a broad sense. 


Joint research and knowledge sharing 

The collaboration with the Chair of Crisis Governance at the University of Antwerp will take shape through the promotion of collaborative research projects and the joint development of activities, including courses, lectures, and conferences. Both organizations anticipate a reciprocal exchange of knowledge. Furthermore, a representative from NIPV will be appointed to the academic advisory board of the Crisis Governance chair. 

Crisis is a given in today's turbulent times. 

"The NIPV aspires to collaborate with leading knowledge institutions domestically and internationally. Additionally, we always welcome fresh perspectives on governing crises. The partnership with the new chair at the University of Antwerp aligns perfectly with these goals," says Laurens van der Varst, senior researcher at NIPV. "The perspective of our Belgian colleagues is interesing for several reasons. They view a crisis not as an exception but as an inherent aspect of today's turbulent times. What becomes crucial is the organizations' ability to navigate crises by foreseeing threats (foresight), maintaining strong relationships, and exhibiting organizational agility. Moreover, a crisis can serve as an opportunity to implement necessary changes." 

Addressing challenges together. 

"Recent history has shown us that we live and work in a particularly volatile environment, posing numerous challenges for emergency responders, administrators, and business leaders. How can we engage in constructive dialogues with diverse stakeholders within our organizations and society to effectively address unprecedented future crises? Moreover, how do we ensure that collective learning takes place among these parties, actively sharing knowledge to enhance the quality of our individual and collective actions? Finally, how do we translate this acquired knowledge into meaningful learning trajectories?" asks Hugo Marynissen, co-holder of the Chair of Crisis Governance at the University of Antwerp. "The remarkable aspect of our collaboration with NIPV is that they have long been regarded par excellence in the Netherlands (but also beyond!) for practice-oriented research in crisis governance and firefighting. A glance at their strategic research agenda for 2023-2026 reveals numerous themes to which we can contribute with our expertise. I am particularly intrigued by themes such as the consequences of climate change, crisis leadership, data-driven crisis management, and addressing long-term and transboundary crises. It would be gratifying if we could collaboratively formulate solutions for these and other challenges," he adds.

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