• Workshopseries Choose Hope (2020) (Dutch)
  • Publication of a special issue in Trends Magazine together with Streven Vrijplaats & UCSIA  (December 2020) (Dutch)

Past activities

Cancelled activities due to the SARS-COVID-2 pandemic

  • Input  Day of the Economy of Hope with the O.L.V. college Antwerp (24 March 2020) (Delayed)
  • SustaCase Competition Antwerp in collaboratoin with UCSIA (26 March 2020) (Delayed)
  • The chair was invited to the international event The Economy of Francesco from 27 to 29 March in Assisi / Perugia with 2000 young entrepreneurs and A. Sen as keynote speaker (moved to 20-22 November 2020
  • In anticpation of the international The Economy of Francesco event, we planned to hold a spring prequel and sequel with young Flemish entrepreneurs, in collaboration with UCSIA and the Economy of Communion. This has now taken the form of the Economy of Francesco prequels that we will be hosting in November 2020.
  • Study day Gigantism or Keep it Small (10 June, 2020).