The Metaverse, 3D printing , artificial intelligence, and similar phenomena are re-shaping the role of the designer: a novel skillset and attitude is required to convert these digital capabilities into valuable tools and methods. This might require defining types of cyber-physical or augmented craftmanship, not forgetting about sustainablility, social inclusion, and aesthetics. Furthermore, how can we ensure that the human (both collective and individual) stays in the driver seat, while political and economic agendas complicate a true human-centered design in times of of industry 4.0, algorithms, distributed data, fuzzy intellectual property, etc.

For this track we foresee contributions that go beyond the technical, to envision the capabilities of software/hardware as a meta-medium, with specific applications for the creative industry, and to frame the educational/ethical challenges in case studies and reflections. We welcome novel works, with a particular interest in extended reality (AR/VR), generative design, digital fabrication, and other topics that link the design and arts to the digital.

  • Metaverse / VR & AI
  • Digital fabrication
  • Craftmanship
  • Smart cities
  • Digital arts
  • Cyber- and posthumanism

Program Track Committee

Chair: Jouke Verlinden (Research Group Product Development) 

Kristof Timmerman (Research Group Product Development) Steinar Killi (AHO - The Oslo School of Architecture and Design) Zjenja Doubrovski (TU Delft)
Stefano Maffei (Politecnico di Milano) Massimo Bianchini (Politecnico di Milano) Lukas Van Campenhout (Research Group Product Development) Piraye Hacigüzeller (Heritage studies)