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Bachelor of Linguistics and Literature

Bachelor of Linguistics and Literature: Dutch-French
Academic year :

Model Path part 3

General fundamental course

Compulsory course

World View and Culture3sp2nd semester
Levrau, Fran├žois

General discipline-related course

One course to choose from:

General Linguistics 26sp1st semester
Daelemans, Walter
Sandra, Dominiek
General Literary Theory 26sp1st semester
Herman, Luc
Michiels, Laura

Dutch: compulsory courses

Compulsory courses

Dutch Linguistics 3: diachronic perspectives6sp1st semester
Nuyts, Jan
Vandekerckhove, Reinhild
History of Dutch-language literature 3: from the Great War until the present day6sp1st semester
Absillis, Kevin
Dutch studies in practice6sp2nd semester
Humbeeck, Kris
Vandekerckhove, Reinhild
Meeus, Hubert
Sandra, Dominiek
Schepers, Kees
Absillis, Kevin
Sleiderink, Remco

French: compulsory courses

Compulsory courses

French Linguistics and Proficiency 36sp1st semester
Dendale, Patrick
Vanderheyden, Ann
French Literature 3: genres and texts6sp2nd semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
Gyssels, Kathleen
French Culture 16sp1st semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
Peeters, Kris

Free-choice electives

6 ECTS-credits to choose from the following list or between the courses which are part of the other Bachelor programmes of Linguistics and Literature, History or Philosophy, or which are part of other programmes/faculties.

Children's Literature6sp2nd semester
Joosen, Vanessa
African Linguistics6sp1st semester
Maritz, Anna Petro
Middle Ages: cultural history6sp2nd semester
Fraeters, Veerle
Early Modern Era: cultural history6sp2nd semester
Marnef, Guido
Philosophy of Culture6sp2nd semester
Cools, Arthur
Gnoseology and Epistemology6sp2nd semester
Leuridan, Bert
Introduction to Jewish Culture 26sp1st semester
Liska, Vivian
Hofmeester, Karin
Digital Humanities6sp2nd semester
De Pauw, Guy
Verhulst, Pim
Kestemont, Mike
Dillen, Wout
Judaism and Philosophy6sp1st semester
Liska, Vivian
Hebrew I3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Hebrew II3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Jiddisch I3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Jiddisch II3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Studium Generale Jewish studies3sp1st/2nd sem.
Liska, Vivian
Shakespeare6sp1st semester
Albers, Frank

Bachelor's thesis

Bachelor paper9sp2nd semester
Humbeeck, Kris