Roles within the team


The chairman is responsible to lead meetings. This includes arranging meetings, setting the agenda, communicating meeting deadlines and guiding the meeting. This is a rotating task.


The notulist responsible to make notes during the meetings and to upload a clear and complete meetingreport. This is a rotating task.


The projectmanager is responsible for managing the work of project members and making sure the project is delivered on time and with quality. He/she has the end responsability to create a detailed project fiche, a project plan/draaiboek and to evaluate the project afterwards. The project manager does not work alone and is assigned differently for every project.

Content Manager

As a Content Manager, your primary responsibility will be to oversee and maintain the quality of content provided by other team members. You will also collaborate closely with the social media responsible and provide backup support in social media management.

Mail to: Christina Aanei or Enrico Guiguile or Kerr Van Lerberghe

Mail manager

As a Mail manager, your primary responsibility will be to efficiently manage and organize incoming emails. This includes forwarding emails to the relevant recipients, prioritizing urgent messages, and creating a protocol for handling emails. Additionally, you will coordinate with team members to ensure smooth mail management during your absence.

Mail to: Frouke Decat

Social media manager

As a Social media manager, you are responsible for a consistent management of our social media platsforms, including Facebook, Instagram ( and Tiktok?). You work closely with the content manager and project manager to create clear and attractive posts.

Mail to: Lize Gijs

Website administrator

As a website administrator, you will be responsible for the technical aspects of our website, blog and podcast. You will maintain it and take care of uploading relevant information and data about projects, provided by the team. You will also work closely with the content creator and social media team and create the overall design and layout of the website.

Mail to: Yentl Meul

Community Engagement Coordinator

As a Community Engagement Coordinator, your primary responsibility is to maintain real-life interactions and connections within the community. This includes promoting GO initiatives during lectures and liaising with professors, student organizations and the student council. You will also serve as the main contact point for overarching organizations.

Mail to: Jutte Callaerts or Lukas D'Affnay or Christina Aanei or Kerr Van Lerberghe

Education & research

Your role is to highlight the education and research going on at UAntwerpen regarding sustainability. For example, you will search and provide an overview of recent theses, PhD topics or other publications related to sustainability.

Mail to: Adriana Paprot or Enrico Guiguile or Kerr Van Lerberghe

Green impact coordinator 

As Green impact coordinator you have the end responsibility of the Green Impact project. This includes creating the GI toolkit, recruiting teams and maintaining contact with the teams. At the end you will search for auditors and coordinate the award ceremonie. While doing this you stay in contact with SOS International.

Mail to: Kerr Van Lerberghe or  Jutte Callaerts or Yentl Meul or Frouke Decat


As sfeerbeheerder you will organize teambuildings or small trips to strengthen the connection between GO members. You also maintain contact with ex-GO members.