Extended deadline

Since many of you signalled that due to Easter Break and the pre-exams period you needed more time to submit your applications for the YUFE Student Journey, we have decided to prolong the call until πŸπŸ” 𝐌𝐚𝐲 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐. 

The YUFE Student Journey offers online courses from all the YUFE universities (e.g. UBremen, UC3Madrid, Tor Vergata Rome, UEssex) but also online language courses, summer schools, participating in (online) international challenge teams that tackle concrete problems.

You can now apply for this program, but you do not yet have to decide what courses you are registering for. Afterwards you can sign up for various activities from the YUFE catalogue. At that time, you can still consult with your study trajectory supervisor which activities can be recognized. 

Be among the first 60 UAntwerp students to apply

Application Requirements

Eligible applicants need to be registered as a student in one of the universities in the YUFE Alliance and need to have at least a B2 proficiency level in English. In addition to that, undergraduate students from the University of Essex need to have a minimum year mark of 50 in the first year of the course and students from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid need to have a minimum grade average of 6/10 in the previous academic year.

Application Steps

  • Create an account for the YUFE Virtual Campus β€Ί 
    With this account you can apply for the student journey and sign up for single YUFE activities.
  • On the YUFE Virtual Campus you can upload your details and motivation letter.

Since this year’s YUFE Student Journey is still a pilot programme, only 60 students from each YUFE university can apply

After the application period , a selection committee will select the final 40 students per university based on their eligibility and motivation.
Students selected onto the YUFE Student Journey will have two years to meet the requirements for the YUFE Student Journey Certificate or create their own learning path.