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Quality assurance

Each of the University of Antwerp's faculties has a 'CIKO - Centre for Innovation and Quality Assurance in Education'. It is CIKO's responsibility to strengthen and systematise both quality assurance and educational innovation. 

Internal quality assurance

CIKO develops policy proposals for following up and - if necessary - improving the quality of education. The Faculty of Applied Economics' CIKO is active in various areas of education.
Some examples include:

  • Assessing programme components
  • Carrying out study time measurements
  • Analysing success rates
  • Having focus group discussions with students
  • ...

External quality assurance


CIKO also plays an important role in obtaining (inter)national accreditations. 
Accreditation by NVAO is mandatory for all programmes in Flanders. Since 2005 all management programmes taught at the University of Antwerp (in the Faculty of Applied Economics) have been accredited by AACSB and in 2010 the Faculty obtained EPAS accreditation for its Business Administration and Business Engineer programmes.