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Leaving Antwerp

It is required to de-register from the Antwerp city hall when you are leaving Antwerp. If you do not de-register, you will remain in the resident’s database without actually living in Antwerp. Tax forms, official communication, etc. will be continued to your address in Antwerp. Not responding (see explanation above) to for ex. tax declarations will result in serious fines; even if you do not live in Antwerp any longer. Moreover, if you do not de-register, you may be refused a visa for Belgium in the future. De-registration is done either online or by passing by the city hall and sign a declaration of departure. 

Checklist for international students: leaving Antwerp…

  • Contact your landlord in advance to arrange for your deposit to be refunded.
  • Inform the IOB student office of your address abroad
  • Make sure your library books are all returned.
  • Close your bank account.
  • De-register at the city hall or through the IOB student office
  • Inform the health insurance fund well in advance that you are leaving Belgium.
  • Inform other contacts/institutions that you are leaving Belgium (for ex. terminate phone connection)