The International Staff Office offers advice and comprehensive support to the members of staff we serve, which consists of incoming international academic staff/researchers and outgoing employees. The International Staff Office has developed from a knowledge centre into a mobility centre for these staff categories, providing customised advice and coordinating various services. Various internal and external departments are involved in the decentralised service provided to incoming or outgoing employees. In practice this translates into support, advice and answers to specific questions regarding practical information, administrative procedures and welcoming international colleagues.

You can contact the International Staff Office with questions regarding your arrival in Belgium, during your stay and before returning home:

  • immigration formalities (including the single permit procedure)
  • residence permit
  • work permit
  • social security
  • taxes
  • health insurance and other insurances
  • schools and daycare facilities
  • etc.

In addition to optimising existing services for international staff members, we also provide advice and assistance to their family members.