The International Staff Office can provide assistance with the renewal of the work permit, single permit and residence permit of staff members (and their family members for the residence permit).

Permission to work

In order to apply for an extension of your residence permit, your work permit or single permit needs to be extended first. The International Staff Office will start the application as soon as the new employment contract or grant have been issued and signed.

Please keep in mind that renewal applications can take several months. We recommend that supervisors start the renewal procedure with the HR Department three to four months before the end date of your current employment contract.

Residence permit extension

If you are staying in Belgium for an extended period, your residence permit must be renewed. The International Staff Office can apply to have your residence permit extended if you live in Antwerp. Please make sure to contact them at least two months before the expiry date of your current residence permit.

More information about the renewal procedure can be found on our intranet page.

PhD students should contact the International Relations Office to find out about their renewal procedure.

Change of status

Your immigration status and reason for staying in Belgium might change while you are here, for example from student to researcher/employee or vice versa.

If you are a non-EEA citizen, you will need to change your status and apply for a new residence permit.

More information about the procedure for a change of status can be found on our intranet page.