COVID-19: Guidelines for student residences

Living together safely in times of Covid-19

I travel from an orange or a red zone and need to go in quarantine. What does that mean?

  • From August 1, all persons returning to Belgium and all persons travelling through Belgium and who are staying at least 48 hours must fill out an identification form (Passenger Locator Form).
  • How do I find out the colour of my home country? Under the section ‘You are returning from…’.
  • What does quarantine mean?
  • How do I organise my quarantine?
  • During this period contact with other people, including people in the same house, must be completely avoided (always keep a distance of 1,5 m). If possible, use a different sanitary unit.
  • If you rent a (student) studio or a (student) apartment, there is no problem with quarantine. You use private facilities and you are able to keep your distance from others and you use your own towels, bed linen, tableware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, …  
  • If you rent a student room with shared facilities, contact your landlord to check whether it’s possible to assign you a toilet and shower during your quarantine. Make arrangements with your fellow students so you don’t use the kitchen when other people are there. You can also get food delivered or ask your fellow students to cook for you and put it in front of your door. Make sure you bring your own cutlery and kitchen utensils. You can also opt for a stay in a hotel or a single room at a youth hostel during your quarantine.
  • More information can be found on Kotweb.

I have symptoms. Now what?

What should I do if I have had close contact with someone who has Covid19?

Care for each other!
When experiencing increased stress or fear and anxiety during this pandemic, you can contact a student counsellor at the STudent Information Point (STIP) of the university.