Campus location

The University of Antwerp has four campuses. Depending on your choice of study or your workplace, you will be based either in the city centre or in one of the green outer districts.

Check your campus location to ensure your room or house is nearby


First of all an important note for students who are searching for student housing on the private market using Kotweb. On Kotweb you have to search by campus, not by postal code!

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    Antwerp has several postal codes, each corresponding to a different district. It is important to know the postal codes of the districts you would like to live in during your housing search.

    The postal code 2000 includes the central districts within the area known as De Leien with the four historic quarters: Schipperskwartier, Stadswaag and Paardenmarkt, Theaterkwartier and Sint-Andrieskwartier and two additional neighbourhoods: het Eilandje and het Zuid.

    The centre of the city is, of course, the most expensive part of town. However, living in the city centre has major advantages: it has excellent public transportation links in all directions and many of the city’s attractions are within walking distance. The city-centre Stadscampus of the university is situated in this area. Most of the student accommodation and student (night)life is also situated in this area. ‘Stadswaag and Paardenmarkt’ is the quarter closest to the Stadscampus. Zuid is sometimes chosen by students who study at Campus Groenenborger, Middelheim or Drie Eiken.

    The postal code 2018 is southeast of the city centre (but still within the Singel ringroad), where you will find the residential areas of Zurenborg and Groen Kwartier. Housing here is also more expensive than in other areas.

    If you are moving to Antwerp with children, you might want to find accommodation in one of the outer districts, like the districts of:

    • Borgerhout: very multicultural - postal code 2140
    • Deurne: postal code 2100
    • Berchem: close to Campus Groenenborger and Middelheim - postal code 2600
    • Wilrijk: home to Campus Drie Eiken - postal code 2610
    • Merksem: postal code 2170
    • Hoboken: postal code 2660

    These districts outside the city centre are often close to parks, like Rivierenhof in Deurne, Boelaerpark/Boekenbergpark in Borgerhout/Berchem/Deurne, Hobokense Polders in Hoboken and Middelheimpark in Berchem/Wilrijk.

    All the districts are well served by public transportation. It takes no more than a 20 to 30-minute bus or tram ride to reach the city centre from any of the suburbs.

    If you are looking for accommodation close to a certain campus, the following areas are recommended:

    • Stadscampus: Antwerpen (postal codes 2000, 2060 or 2018) or Borgerhout (2140)
    • Middelheimcampus/Campus Groenenborger: Berchem (2600), Wilrijk (2610) or Antwerpen (2020)
    • Campus Drie Eiken: Wilrijk (2610) or Edegem (2650, outside Antwerp)