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Rubi represents art and culture in Antwerp, inspiring awe and radiance like a ruby.

Make your MOVE: admire, connect, and shine like a true Rubi!
Experience various activities with Rubi across different campuses and in the city.
Theater, dance, music, visual arts, and much more... with MOVE, you get free access to all these beautiful expressions.

Would you like to showcase your talents on a musical instrument? Are you passionate about theater and acting? Do you enjoy singing in the shower and beyond?
Discover our Culture Clubs here.

As the first university in Flanders, the University of Antwerp has a Campus Poet who writes monthly about life on and around the campus.

The University of Antwerp features a unique art collection of over 1100 paintings, sculptures, and other expressions of contemporary art.
For any questions about Art on Campus, you can also turn to Rubi.

Explore our activities on the Rubi website and be sure to keep an eye on our monthly newsletter.

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