Rubi - The Cultural Factory

Rubi gives you a taste of art and culture, inside and outside the walls of your campus!

Antwerp is bustling with art and culture. Every season, Rubi selects a number of fantastic performances from this immense range and invites you to gain inspiring experiences and to push cultural boundaries together.

Art and culture are also intertwined within the walls of the university.
For example, throughout the academic year, Rubi organizes various cultural activities on the different campuses.
Anyone who wants to work with an instrument themselves, wants to explore another talent or has a cultural initiative, can always contact Rubi.
There is also a spectacular collection of more than 1,100 paintings, sculptures and other displays of contemporary art that adorn the walls of the campuses. You can always contact Rubi with any questions in this regard.

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Hope to see you again!

Cultural greetings,

Rubi - The Cultural Factory

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