All work and no play? If you are looking for some distraction besides your studies, you could join one of the University of Antwerp's student associations.  The student associations are also a fun way to meet new people or get involved in a good cause in your free time.

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VUAS - Verenigde Universiteit Antwerpen Studenten

Verenigde Universiteit Antwerpen Studenten (VUAS) defends the interests of students and student associations at all levels. It consists of representatives of the presidents of two umbrella associations:

ASK-Stuwer (Campus Middelheim/Groenenborger and Campus Drie Eiken)

Unifac (Stadscampus) 

These umbrella associations are responsible for the practical organisation of on-campus student life.  They coordinate collaboration between the various faculty associations, inform students about all on-campus events and organise numerous activities such as 'cantussen' (singing and drinking events), parties, a film week, cocktail parties, student balls, a go-kart race and several other events. 

Along with the Student Council these umbrella associations ensure that students are represented in various bodies of the University of Antwerp and the City of Antwerp.

Faculty and departement student associations

  • Chimes - Surgery for medical students

  • Diefka - Veterinary Sciences

  • EMSA - European Medical Students Association

  • IMBIT - Business Engineering: Management Information Systems

  • KDA - Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Klio - History   

  • Kinesia - Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy 

  • Lingua – Linguistics and Literature

  • Modulor - Architecture and Interior Architecture

  • PSW – Political and Social Sciences

  • UFKA - Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • VFSO - Flemish Pharmaceutical Student Counsel

  • VGSO - Flemish Medical Student Counsel

  • WINAK  - Maths, IT and Physics

Diversity and internationalization

  • AIESEC UA - international internships & voluntary work

  • AntwerpMUN - Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of specific UN committees

  • EESTEC - Electrical Engineering STudents’ European assoCiation

  • ELSA - European Law Students Association

  • EMSA - European Medical Students Association

  • ESN - Erasmus Student Network Antwerp

  • Ichtus - Christian student association

  • Mahara - Islamic inspired association

  • Prisma - solidarity association

Political associations

Spectrum-PFK (Politiek Filosofisch Konvent) is the umbrella student association for all active political and philosophical student associations at the University of Antwerp. As such, Spectrum defends the interests of all students committed to good causes.


UAntwerpen Sportraad

UAntwerpen Sportraad is a student association for all faculties from University of Antwerp to promote health and sports among the Antwerp students. UAntwerpen Sportraad is a lot more than just sports. Not only do we strive to promote a healthy mind in a healthy body but also to unite people, partly by offering different sport programs for students in Antwerp.


Do you like music and theater? Then maybe you will like some of the cultural student associations: 

Culture by and for students


  • 180 Degrees Consulting - 180 Degrees provides socially conscious organizations around the world with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. 

  • Abudantia - for students who like to drink Duvel

  • Campinaria - students living in student housing in Wilrijk

  • Capitant - a student organisation which aims to introduce students to and further guide them in the financial markets, in all aspects and worldwide.

  • De Chips - students living in student housing in Antwerp-centre 

  • EKA - European Association Antwerp

  • Nordkempus - for students who live in "de kempen"​
  • PTP - For students who live in studenthousing Ten Prinsenhove

  • SINC - Entrepreneurial students 

  • Hera - For female students

  • UACT - Students for sustainability