Sport is good for you, of course, but it also helps you unwind and study better.


The University of Antwerp has its own sport facilities on several campuses.

UAntwerp Plus Pass

The University of Antwerp’s Sport and Cultural Services are combining all their deals for students into one fantastic package: the UAntwerp Plus Pass.

The Plus Pass provides students, staff and alumni of the University of Antwerp and the AP University College Antwerp access to the University of Antwerp sports programme. Access is also guaranteed to a number of art events organized by the Culture Office. 

The Plus Pass costs 25 euro and can be reimbursed completely or partly by Flemish health care insurances. After you bought your Plus Pass you will automatically receive an official form to apply for the reimbursement.

For more detailed information about the range of activities on offer and how you can get your UAntwerp Plus Pass, visit