After you enrol at UAntwerp, you will receive a unique student number and a student account (username and password) in the post. Your username is almost the same as your student number, but the first digit has been replaced by an s (e.g. 20162008 => s0162008). Your student account allows you to access all of our computer facilities. It’s also linked to your UAntwerp email address, so that you can access your student email from any browser via webmail.

It can take up to 24 hours for your student account to be activated.

After you’ve paid your tuition fees, the Central Student Administration will send your student card to the postal address you provided. Your student card, with your student number and photo, is unique and your personal property. This is your student ID, and you must always carry it with you on campus. You’ll need your student number when participating in tests, exams, and so on.

You need your student account to be able to use:

  • the SisA self-service, where you can put your study programme together, check the status of your tuition fees, edit your personal data, etc.
  • your student mailbox: every student gets a UAntwerp email address (usually generated as follows: Communications to students are always sent to this email address, so check your UAntwerp inbox regularly!
  • Blackboard: student portal and online learning environment.

Read more about your student account, student card, study certificates, etc.