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Logged in to the University of Antwerp

At the University of Antwerp you will study in a modern, technological learning environment.

Here we outline all of the facilities available to you.

When you enrol, you receive a username and password which grant you access to all the computer facilities. A personalised email address is also linked to your student account so that you can check your student email using webmail on any computer.


On every campus you will find computers with an internet connection, which students can use free of charge. Some computers are located in quiet spots, such as the library. Others are grouped in study areas or computer labs so that it is easy to work with fellow students. You can also access the university network and the internet via Wi-Fi in more and more places on campus.


The Student Information System Antwerp (SisA) is the digital heart of educational administration at the University of Antwerp. You can use SisA self-service to update your contact details, manage your academic pathway (including study programme, timetable and results) and check whether your tuition fees have been paid. Information about your enrolment and study programme is sent by SisA to Blackboard and to the Flemish Government’s Higher Education Database (so they can arrange your learning account, child allowance and scholarship).


Blackboard, the digital learning environment, is your online compass at the University of Antwerp. It not only provides you with the most up-to-date information about every module you are taking, but is also a student intranet where you can find out more about every aspect of student life and what's going on at the university.

Blackboard gives you access to the electronic study materials that your lecturers make available, such as:

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • supplementary texts

  • video clips

  • online exercises, etc.

Announcements keep you informed about everything that's happening on your programme and in each module.

You can communicate and collaborate with fellow students using forums, wikis, blogs and group pages.

Blackboard is also used in many modules for submitting assignments and setting exams/mock exams.