Date: permanently accessible from 5-7 May 2022
Location: FOMU Antwerp, Waalsekaai 47, 2000 Antwerp (DOKA on the ground floor)

Object-Image (Iteration II) is an experimental artwork exploring magic lantern optics and the materiality of image-making. Traditionally the magic lantern uses a glass slide to create its projected image. Object-image replaces the glass slide with a translucent 3D object to establish multiple depths of field in the projected image, giving it the appearance of being in ‘3D’.

Object-Image exposes the optical mechanism to bring awareness to the viewer of how they see the image. Drawing attention to the viewer’s perceptual role in an overall system of image, viewer and device, Object-Image foregrounds how our experience of the image is technologically mediated.

Dr. Deirdre Feeney is an artist and Lecturer of Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia. Her transdisciplinary practice engages with optical image systems which are underpinned by historical optics, media archaeology and digital fabrication technologies.

Deirdre Feeney.png