Created Impact

B-Q MINDED will shape the European research and innovation landscape in different ways by:

Increasing Scientific Excellence through a collaborative approach.

Train the next generation of Q-MRI scientist that understand clincal and industry needs.

Support the knowledge triangle between education, research and innovation.

Improving EU competitiveness in medical imaging (Q-MRI) R&D and innovation.

Development of long-lasting collaborations (including public-private partnerships).

Eventually B-Q MINDED’ tools will lead to more accurate diagnosis (and care) for patients with brain disorders.


Latest news

Midterm check meeting/Annual meeting 18/01/2019

Posted 18/01/2019

The Midterm Check/Annual meeting took place on 18/01/2019 in Rotterdam.

All attendees really enjoyed this day. All detailed information (venue, program,...) is available via this link.