A new approach to quantitative MRI


B-Q MINDED aims to overcome the current barriers by developing widely-applicable post-processing breakthroughs for accelerating Q-MRI. The originality of B-Q MINDED lies in its ambition to replace the conventional rigid multi-step processing pipeline with an integrated single-step parameter estimation framework. This approach will unlock a wealth of options for optimization of Q-MRI. To accomplish this goal, B-Q MINDED proposes a collaborative cross-disciplinary approach (from basic MR physics to clinical applications) with strong involvement of industry.

To achieve its overall mission B-Q MINDED will pursue following specific objectives:

  • Developing breakthroughs in signal processing (no hardware developments) to enable accelerated Q-MRI (WP1). B-Q MINDED proposes a highly innovative and flexible framework in which different post-processing strategies for accelerated Q-MRI (both MR relaxometry and dMRI) are combined in a synergistic manner.
  • Demonstrating proof-of-concept (PoC) of Q-MRI methods in both preclinical and clinical research (WP2).
  • Developing Q-MRI applications and rolling-out strategies to bring Q-MRI towards patients (WP3).
  • Training the next generation of Q-MRI researchers with a broad view on Q-MRI R&D that will support the introduction of Q-MRI in routine clinical diagnosis in the years to come (WP4).