Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,  School of Medical Science and Technology (22/12/2019)

Posted 21/11/2019 

Dennis C Thomas, ESR14  presented B-Q Minded and the goals of the project to the Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) alumni and current students meet up. The outline of the project and the goals of the project were described to the budding researchers. Many questions relating to the project and the impact it would have on the society were addressed. It was an amazing opportunity for Dennis to go back to the MMST and share his experience. Moreover, it is essential for our EU-funded project to inform and raise the interest of students in the various challenges in medical imaging.

Date: 21/12/2019
Place: Bangalore, India

Institute: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur,
Department: School of Medical Science and Technology (SMST)


Winter Workshop (EMC Rotterdam) (20-22/11/2019)

Posted 21/11/2019 

Dr. Dirk Poot and Dr. Stefan Klein invited the researchers from the EU-funded B-Q MINDED Project at Erasmus MC Rotterdam for a Winter workshop (20-22/11/19). 3 days full of interesting presentations and hands-on-sessions. Special thanks to the lecturers. It was great to have the B-Q MINDED team working together and joining efforts to improve the life quality of many patients! Keep following us to discover more!

36th Annual Scientific Meeting of The European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB) (3-5/10/2019)

Posted 05/10/2019 

Some ESRs (E. Sabidussi, M. Nicastro, V. Anania, M. Pinto, R. Paolella)  presented their research results during the 36th Annual Scientific Meeting of The European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

E. Sabidussi, M. Nicastro, et al
"A Deep Learning Approach to T1 Mapping"
Oral presentation on 04/10 at 10:50 at the Auditorium - Willem Burger Zaal

V. Anania, et al.
"Robust outlier detection for diffusion kurtosis MRI based on IRLLS"
Poster presentation on 04/10 at 15:40 at the Scientific Exhibition Room - Meet the Authors

M. Pinto, R. Paolella, et al.
"Voxelwise harmonisation of FA on a cohort of 605 healthy subjects using ComBat: an exploratory study"
Lightning talk and poster presentation on 05/10 at 13:50 at The Stage

MRtrix3 Workshop (9-13/9/2019)

Posted 15/09/2019 

The 2nd MRtrix3 workshop has taken place from 9-13/9/2019 hosted by University of Antwerp. More than 60 researchers of which five Early Stage Researchers of the EU-funded project BQ-minded have gathered together with the common objective of knowing more about this program which provides a suite of tools for image processing, analysis and visualisation, with a focus on the study of white matter using diffusion-weighted MRI.

Summer School B-Q MINDED 2019 (26-30/8/2019)

Posted 2/09/2019 

The 2nd B-Q MINDED Summer School has taken place from 26-30/8/2019 and was attended by the ESRs of the B-Q MINDED project and a few other enthusiastic young scientists too.

The Summer School was intense but at the same time fun filled, keeping the participants interested throughout the week: it started with an introduction to CUDA and a hands-on workshop for the same. The participants were split into teams and were given the assignments encouraging a healthy competition among themselves. The following days covered lectures ranging from good ‘ethical research practices’ to ‘Artificial intelligence in Radiology’. The participants were also trained on the ways of communicating and disseminating their research work which was very helpful for the budding doctoral candidates.

The Summer School ended with a grand reception, leaving a big impact on the participants filling them with a bucketload of ideas and a lot of inspiration to do impactful research.

During the Summer School B-Q MINDED our researchers introduced two 1st grade students (Senne Hoste and Mats Kuipers) with a general overview of their current scientific research on quantitative magnetic resonance imaging. Follow us in different social media and discover how the EU-funded B-Q MINDED researchers will inform the wider public about their work.

JEMRIS Workshop (17-18/6/2019)

Posted 30/06/2019 

On 17 and 18/06/2019 many ESRs attended the workshop "MRI Simulations with JEMRIS", that took place at Forschungszentrum Jülich. They had 2 full days of lectures and hands-on sessions in which they discovered the many promising applications of JEMRIS in our research! Thanks to all the lecturers and organisers, specially to Prof. Dr. Jon Shah. Check here to know more about JEMRIS.

Scientific Meeting Jülich 11-12/06/2019

Posted 12/06/2019 

Prof. Dr. N. J. Shah invited the EU-funded B-Q MINDED Consortium at Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany) for a Scientific Meeting (11-12/06/19). The main aim of this meeting was to let the fellows present their research and future plans to the project partners with the purpose of receiving feedback, refining their work and finding opportunities to strengthen the scientific cooperation with other researchers.

Pint of Science (Antwerp, 22/05/2019)

Posted 22/05/2019 

Michele Nicastro and Céline Smekens, 2 fellows of our EU-funded project B-Q MINDED  presented their research at Pint of Science (Antwerp). 

ISMRM 27th Annual Meeting & Exhibition (11-16/5/2019)

Posted 20/05/2019 

Several members of our EU-funded  project B-Q MINDED attended the ISMRM - meeting in Montréal .  

All detailed information (venue, program,...) is available via this link.

MCAA General Assembly 2019 - Vienna

Posted 24/02/2019 

4 researchers of our EU-funded  B-Q MINDED project (Maira Pinto, Michele Nicastro, Marco Zampini and Dimitrios Tryfonopoulos) attended the MCAA (Marie Curie Alumni Association) General Assembly 2019 in Vienna. Michele Nicastro gave a presentation about our project.

The registration for this year's B-Q MINDED Summer School is open!

Posted 14/02/2019 

The registration for this year's B-Q MINDED Summer School is open! Please apply now, if you are interested. Attached  you will find the agenda. The participants of the Summer School will be awarded with 3 credits on the base of 100 % active participation in class and presentations to a jury. The Summer School consists of 50 hours of training (incl. preparatory readings/assignments).

Watch some other impressions from the previous version.

Workshop on Data Analytics (31/01/2019)

Posted 01/02/2019 

Maíra Pinto and Roberto Paolella, 2  researchers from our EU-funded project  B-Q MINDED participated in a Data Analytics Workshop in Antwerp organized by CENTER TBI, an European project that aims to improve the care for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Midterm check in Rotterdam (18/01/2019)

Posted 18/01/2019 

The Midterm Check/Annual meeting took place on 18/01/2019 in Rotterdam.

All attendees really enjoyed this day. All detailed information (venue, program,...) is available via this link.


ISMRM Benelux

Posted 18/01/2019 

Our colleagues joined the 11th Annual Meeting of the ISMRM Benelux Chapter in Leiden.

...... and one of our colleagues Riwaj Byanju (Erasmus MC Rotterdam) presented his study. 


Open MRBenelux

Posted 17/01/2019 

On 16/01/2019 several researchers participated at the OpenMR Benelux , a new Open Science event for the field of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

Midterm check/Annual meeting

Posted 16/01/2019 

The Midterm Check/Annual meeting will be held on 18/01/2019 in Rotterdam.

All detailed information(venue, program, driving directions,...) is available via this link.


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