Barriers in HPV vaccination & cervical screening programmes, 27-28 June 2016, Antwerp, Belgium

Objectives of the meeting

  1. To review cultural, infrastructural and financial barriers that impact implementation of vaccination and screening programmes. 
  2. To review the adverse events profile following HPV vaccination.
  3. To update the points of view regarding safety issues and describe new developments.
  4. To discuss the impact of safety issues and crises in an international perspective.
  5. To review factors impacting adherence to cervical screening programmes.
  6. To learn from country initiatives in HPV vaccine safety monitoring and HPV screening adherence.
  7. To propose strategies to counter vaccination and screening hesitancy and to build public confidence in the HPV prevention programs
  8. To discuss a new approach to implement HPV prevention and control: HPV-Faster. 

Background document (pdf, 2.34 MB)

June 27, 2016

Session 1: Opening
Chairs: Lauri Markowitz & Pierre Van Damme

Session 2: Interpretation of safety data
Chairs: Lauri Markowitz & Pierre Van Damme

  • 10h25 Vaccine safety - Mortality after HPV vaccination observed in RCTs
    Marc Arbyn, Scientific Institute of Public Health (Belgium)
  • 10h50  Questions & Discussion
  • 11h10  Coffee break

Session 3 Vaccine confidence
Chairs: Pier Luigi Lopalco & Monica Chaturvedi

  • 11h45 Questions and Discussion
  • 12h10 Questions & Discussion
  • 12h25 Lunch

Session 4 HPV vaccination programs: country experiences and lessons learnt
Chairs: Margaret Stanley & Joakim Dillner

  • 14h15 The Japanese HPV vaccine tragedy and the take-home message
    Sharon Hanley, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine (Japan)
  • 15h30 Belgium (pdf, 1.46 MB)
    Geert Top, Flemish Agency for Care and Health (Belgium))
  • 15h55 Questions & Discussion
  • 16h10 Coffee break

Session 4 HPV vaccination programs: country experiences and lessons learnt (cont’d)
Chairs: Mira Kojouharova & Paolo Bonanni

  • 16h25 Romania (pdf, 1.16 MB)
    Patriciu Achimas, The Oncology Institute "Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta" (Romania)
  • 17h30 Questions & Discussion

June 28 2016

Session 4 HPV vaccination programs: country experiences and lessons learnt (cont’d)
Chairs : Liudmila Mosina & Mario Poljak

  • 09h00 Denmark (pdf, 1.93 MB)
    Kåre Mølbak, Statens Serum Institute, Division of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance (Denmark)

Session 5 Barriers and opportunities in HPV screening programs

  • 10h45 Questions & Discussion
  • 11h00 Coffee break

Session 6 HPV-faster: Broadening the scope for prevention of HPV-related cancer
Chairs: Susan Wang & Marc Arbyn

  • 11h15 Introduction (pdf, 1.75 MB)
    Xavier Bosch Catalanian Institute of Ocology (Spain)

Session 7 Conclusion of the meeting
Chairs: Mark Kane & Xavier Bosch