HPV Prevention and Control Board Kick-off 1-2 December, 2015, Antwerp, Belgium

Objectives of the meeting:

  1. To learn from the 20 years Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board activities
  2. To get an overview from major stakeholders, of past and ongoing initiative/activities in the HPV field (focus WHO/EURO region)
    • at the level of epidemiology
    • at the level of screening
    • at the level of prevention
    • at the level of treatment
    • at the level of policy/implementation/integration
  3. To define topics and activities that are complementary and synergistic with ongoing initiatives
  4. To discuss and prioritize topics for technical meetings
  5. To discuss and prioritize regions/countries for country meetings
  6. To draft a work plan of the HPV prevention board for the coming year

December 1, 2015

  • 13h00 Welcome, Introduction of the participants, overview of the objectives of the meeting
  • 15h20 Coffee break
  • 17h20 Discussion and conclusion of first day

December 2, 2015

  • 09h00 Discussion and prioritizing topics for technical meetings
  • 10h00 Discussion and prioritizing regions/countries for country meetings
  • 11h00 Coffee break
  • 11h30 Next steps: Getting additional support, getting additional advisers, publications/output, target audience, web site,..
  • 12h30 Conclusions and closing of the meeting